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About Templegate Tiny Tots - What to Expect

When you arrive:

Access to Tiny Tots is through the gate next to the bin enclosure, round the back of Whitkirk Primary School. There is a buzzer on the wall near the gate and this is connected to our room. On arrival, you will be welcomed by a member of staff. Please help your child to find his/her name and picture in the cloakroom area and encourage your child to self register by finding their name card on the ‘home’ board. Each child has a ‘tidy tray’ with their name and picture on. Your child’s ‘All about me’ book will be kept in there. Lunch boxes should be placed in the large red tub.

The session starts 8.45 am. And we would appreciate you waiting in the playground as we are not insured to have children in the room before this time.

What to bring

Although aprons are worn for messy activities such as painting and water play, it is inevitable that children will get dirty and wet. It is, therefore, recommended that you do not dress your child in their best clothes. Footwear should be suitable for running around, climbing and riding bikes. Children fall very easily in open toed sandals and crocs. If your child comes in wellies, please send a pair of black school pumps for indoor use. The Pre-school has pump bags available to purchase for a small fee, for you to send a full change of clothing in case of an accident. Where possible, we take the children outside to play. Please ensure they have suitable clothes and wellingtons in the winter and in the summer, please send a hat and apply sun-cream before coming to pre-school.

If your child is still in trainer pants or nappies, please pack enough spares and baby wipes for the session. Accidents will be treated with sympathy and understanding. PLEASE do not bring large back packs as they take up too much room on our cloakroom pegs. If your child stays for lunch can you please provide a healthy lunch in a square or rectangular shaped lunchbox which can be easily stored in our fridge with the child's name on visible to see.

Settling in:

We recognise that some children may take longer to settle than others and may need a parent or carer to stay with them until they are happy to stay on their own. Children are welcome to bring a comforter such as a blanket with them at first, if appropriate. Please do not let your child bring toys as they get very upset if they go missing. 

Please make sure that all clothing is easy for the child to undo for toileting, i.e. no belts, hard buttons or dungarees.

Key Person and learning together

A key person is a named member of staff who works with your child to support their learning and development and act as the key point of contact with the parent(s). A second member of staff will also be named to give support if the key person is not available.

The key person will start a record of observations (both written and photos) which will be documented in your child’s ‘All about me’ book. Please feel free to take this book home to share with your family and friends and contribute to your child’s learning and development by adding your own photos or notes.You can add pictures and comments onto your child's online profile to, on Tapestry which you will receive a log in email and password from Tiny Tots.


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